Top 10 Places to Propose in Africa

July 13, 2022By Kati Knowland

While you don’t need a reason to take an African safari, safaris are a unique and extremely memorable way to mark a special moment in your life. At Hills of Africa, we love being a part of making those moments even more special by helping you coordinate the perfect proposal, ideal anniversary, adventurous birthday celebration, … Read More

Preparing for Your First Safari

July 11, 2022By Kati Knowland

A first safari experience can be a bit overwhelming — so many questions and details that you may have never had to consider on previous travels. We here at Hills of Africa are experts in preparing our clients for their trips of a lifetime, and so we thought we’d share some of the tips and … Read More

10 Malaria-Free Safari Destinations

June 28, 2022By Kati Knowland

One request we get every now and then is for a malaria-free safari experience. Malaria is  a risk (although generally not a huge one) many places in Africa, so we recommend that our clients speak with their doctors about the preventative measures and medications that they might need for their trip. However, it IS absolutely possible … Read More

Gorilla Trekking 101

June 17, 2022By Kati Knowland

Today, we’re talking about GORILLA TREKKING, undoubtedly one of the most life-changing, awe-inspiring experiences you can have in Africa! (And that’s saying something, because Africa is filled to the brim with life-changing, awe-inspiring experiences!) Below, we’ll answer all of the most pressing questions about this bucket-list trip! GORILLA TREKKING FAQs How hard is the trek? … Read More

Our Favorite Ocean Adventures in Africa

June 9, 2022By Kati Knowland

Yesterday was World Oceans Day, which got us thinking about the many varied ways that we love to explore the oceans of Africa. So, today we thought we’d highlight some of the best ways to enjoy the waters that surround this beautiful continent! We’re also including a recommendation of where to stay to enjoy each … Read More