Celebrated for its rich landscape and plentiful wildlife, Botswana is a top contender for the best safari destination in Africa.

From the wildlife-clad Savuti Channel to the twisting lagoons and narrow waterways of the Okavango Delta, and the expansive Makgadikgadi saltpans to the tranquil Chobe River, Botswana’s landscape provides travelers with a tremendous assortment of relaxing and adventurous Botswana safari tours.

In addition to the plentiful wildlife found throughout the country’s varying terrain, Botswana is also home to the Sans tribe, one of the oldest civilizations globally. Some of the most rewarding Botswana safari tours are led by local Sans tribesmen who introduce guests to their unique lifestyles and traditions passed down from thousands of generations. 

  • Discover pure bliss on your private veranda at one of Botswana’s most praised camps or relax with a cocktail in hand on the Chobe River sunset cruise.
  • Embark on interactive bush walks with the Sans tribesmen and discover their traditional survival skills, medicinal uses for plants, and 20,000-year-old Sans rock paintings.
  • Explore the Okavango Delta from a bird’s eye view as you soar above the grass flats via helicopter or take part in an exhilarating game drive to witness the Big Five.