Witness one of the world’s most influential and awe-inspiring creatures in Rwanda’s acclaimed national park, Parc des Volcans, on a high-energy gorilla trekking safari. 

During the specialized African safari tour, visitors can hike up one of the six Virunga Volcanoes to come in contact with the giant mountain gorillas of Rwanda. The lush terrain provides an enchanting atmosphere for gorilla trekking, where guests will pass through bamboo forests and rainforests searching for this noble creature. While traveling up the slopes of Parc des Volcans, travelers on a Rwanda safari tour can witness a variety of other primate species and an abundance of birds. 

  • Witness hundreds of bird species in the Albertine Rift or discover Rwanda’s history and culture at the National Museum. 
  • Gain a unique cultural insight at the Iby’ Iwacu village in Musanze or observe baboons, colobus, and red-tailed monkeys on a nature hike. 
  • Climb the Virunga Mountains on a guided nature walk or embark on a gorilla trekking safari in the Parc National des Volcans.