Safari Vehicles 101

September 7, 2022By Kati Knowland

WHAT ARE THE TYPES OF SAFARI VEHICLES? There are two  main types of safari vehicles — open and closed. While open safari vehicles live up to their name, generally with three rows of tiered seating and completely open sides, closed safari vehicles are a bit more nuanced. They have closed sides (as you see in … Read More

Seasonality and the Okavango Delta

August 29, 2022By Kati Knowland

If you know much about the Okavango Delta, you’ll know that seasonality plays a huge role in the experience you can expect when you visit, so below, I’m sharing all of the details — when to go, what to expect, and some of the elements other than the weather that can impact your overall Okavango Delta … Read More

12 Ultra-Luxurious Safari Lodges

August 8, 2022By Kati Knowland

A safari is an excellent opportunity to splurge … there are just so many over-the-top, best-of-the-best luxury options when it comes to safari lodges, and excellent lodges mean excellent guides, food, service, and overall experience. Of course, Africa is full of exquisite safari lodges, so this list is FAR from complete (and it was TOUGH … Read More