Wellness in the Wilderness

April 15, 2022By Kati Knowland

After the past few years, many travelers are looking to get a bit more out of their travel. They don’t just want to get away, they want to have meaningful experiences and return refreshed and renewed. Along those lines, wellness travel is on the minds of many — travel that supports a healthy lifestyle, whether … Read More

Our Top 10 Beach Resorts in Africa

March 24, 2022By Kati Knowland

When you want to head to the beach, you might not immediately think of Africa as a destination, but Africa is home to some of the most stunning white sand beaches and luxurious beach resorts in the world. One of our favorite ways to incorporate these beach destinations into an itinerary for our clients is … Read More

Pam’s Top 10 Wine Estates to Visit in the Cape

March 11, 2022By Sandy Salle

*Article written by our Cape Town tour guide, Pam McOnie. Pam is our exceptional tour guide who offers private guiding services and gourmet and wine tours of the Cape region. She is acclaimed for her fantastic, customized tours, which have been featured in Departures Magazine. South Africa’s spectacular Cape Winelands countryside is not just breathtaking … Read More

Meet the Marine Big Five

March 7, 2022By Sandy Salle

You’ve probably heard about the Big Five animals when it comes to safari in Africa — the lion, leopard, rhino, elephant, and buffalo. But have you heard about the Marine Big Five? Africa’s oceans have been dubbed “the Serengeti of the Seas,” so it makes sense that there is a unique list of the Big … Read More

12 Truly Unique Places to Stay in Africa

February 25, 2022By Sandy Salle

Africa is full of truly unique places to stay — luxurious tented camps, stunning lodges, 5-star city hotels — but if you’re looking for something different, something completely unlike anything you’ve seen before, well, Africa delivers there too! Here are 12 BEYOND unique places to stay in Africa that will make your trip even more … Read More