Sustainable Travel

For many countries around the globe, tourism is one of the leading industries that contributes to economic growth and sustainability. But for much of Africa, tourism alone cannot facilitate a sustainable economic climate.

It takes high-end accommodations, tour operators, and volunteer organizations that are dedicated to giving back to the African communities and environments to help encourage economic sustainability and stability. These businesses and organizations that support the sustainable tourism model hire qualified locals as expert safari guides, chefs, grounds keepers, butlers, and other staff members in order to help stimulate the local economy and create community upliftment.

Many of these same businesses and organizations also sell locally made crafts in their gift stores, as well as establish and operate community development projects and wildlife conservation initiatives.

In an effort to help give back to the African communities and environment, Hills of Africa Travel only works with and utilizes accommodations, tour operators, and organizations that support sustainable tourism initiatives and business practices. This ensures that our clients experience first-class accommodations and safari tours while directly supporting the local economy and environment in which they are visiting.

Hills of Africa Travel is also the first US-based operator to offer Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa (FTTSA) tourism itineraries in our South Africa tours.The Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa (FTTSA) is a nonprofit organization committed to applying Fair Trade principles to the rapidly growing tourism sector in South Africa.

To earn the FTTSA trademark, eligible tourism establishments must meet stringent criteria, undergo extensive on-site inspections, and be subject to ongoing surveillance. Tourism companies and properties that earn the FTTSA label adhere to standards resulting in fair wages, satisfactory working conditions, ethical business practices, and respect for human rights and the environment.

At Hills of Africa Travel, we apply the same stringent criteria of FTTSA to all of the countries and properties that we send our clients to.