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Photo by Deborah Young at Deborah Young Studio

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Founded by native Zimbabwean Sandy Salle, Hills of Africa knows the continent intimately — its landscape, its people, and all its treasures that are sure to astound you. Our personal connections and customized approach make your itinerary safe and seamless — and our commitment to service ensures delightful surprises are sprinkled into every leg of your journey.

Explore as an insider, not a tourist. We invite you to see Africa through our eyes — and discover why, with just one visit, this continent will never leave you.

Discover how we will design your tailored, sustainable safari experience — one full of magic and free from even a moment of stress.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

At Hills of Africa Travel we believe passionately that tourism should support both the community and the landscapes, which include the environment and the animals.  If we work together to make sure the communities that surround the national parks and animal sanctuaries, in the end we will be saving our beautiful animals, forests, beaches, plains for future generations.  We need to be working with the people to show them that caring for our environment and animals is going to ensure their survival.

For example, Deo is a leader in a community bordering Ishasha National Park in Uganda.  Deo’s community was having problems with lions coming into the community and killing their livestock and elephants coming in and eating their crops.  Deo realized that the solution was NOT to kill the elephants and lions, because if they did then there would be no tourists and therefore no jobs for his people.  Instead, he educated his community and they have now built a 2 meter wide x 2 meter deep trench.  This stops the elephants and lions from coming into their community. 

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