As we all know, in today’s current day and age it is way too easy to get caught in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. We lose our minds and identity as we become mindless drones just going through the motions.  My day starts with getting up, taking the dog outside, making breakfast, rushing to get my son to school, straight off to work, then work work work until 6 pm, get home and make dinner, go to bed.  It’s crazy – we forget who we are, what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.

Hills of Africa has a solution to bring adventure back into your life and to get you daydreaming about how beautiful the world is.

We want you to take that much needed 10-day vacation and find yourself once again!  Be funny, get lots of laughing in and reconnect with yourself and your loved ones. Going on a trip to Africa can do just that for you and it will feed your soul.

Africa has redefined our clients’ perspectives of what hard work and dedication are. The staff at all of the hotels, safari camps, the guides, and the drivers do everything in their power to ensure that your every desire and need is met. African culture is all about respect, love, attention, and loyalty.  This is how you will be looked after when you are in Africa – you will come back home feeling completely loved and cared for by every person you meet in Africa.

Our clients often go to Africa thinking they want to see a certain animal and then once there try to figure out which animal associates with their own personality. Some resonate with the gentle, caring and protective traits of the elephant. Others picture themselves as the elusive and sought after leopard that is only seen when they want to be. As your days on safari continue, you become relaxed and at one with nature – and we always love to hear from our clients which animal they best associate with.

At the end of your day, it’s time to witness one of the true natural beauties that Africa has to offer…sunsets and cocktails.  The sky becomes a playground of color as the fiery sunset begins to set in. The game seems to appear out of nowhere as dusk approaches, while the sounds of the nocturnal animals, frogs, hyenas laughing and lions calling fill the air.  Our clients often say that one of the best experiences of their lives is enjoying cocktails with the sun setting in the distance!

If you’ve never visited Africa before, we’re truly jealous as you get to experience what we at Hills of Africa live for! The opportunity to help you experience Africa our way!

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