Between the morning safari and the evening African safari tours, how do people generally spend their time in the African bush?

I’ve spotlighted some of the best ways to spend your down time while in the African bush:

Take a dip: Depending on the property, you can sit by your private plunge pool and watch wildlife drink from a nearby watering hole. Or, if your suite does not have a private plunge pool, the main area of the camp or lodge will most likely have one for all guests to use.

Plunge pools, whether private or part of the main lodge, are typically built next to a watering hole so that guests can experience wildlife sightings around the clock! And, on occasion, wildlife might swing by the plunge pool for a light drink.

Don’t believe me? See below for a picture of some elephants enjoying a sip from a Somalisa Camp plunge pool I was in:


Soak in your surroundings: Sit in complete solitude on your private patio and watch as a herd of wildebeest and zebra pass by, occasionally grazing along the vast plains. This is the perfect time to soak in the sights, smells, and sounds of nature in its purest form. I promise you – you have never heard the sound of nature until you’ve been in the African bush.

African safari tours

Enjoy a spa treatment: Many camps and lodges offer revitalizing spa treatments that combine state-of-the-art techniques with traditional African materials and techniques to create a completely unique spa experience. And after a morning of exciting game viewing or a walking safari, a spa treatment is the perfect way to unwind and rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul. Most properties offer a variety of massage, facial, and wrap treatments and sessions are typically offered in the property’s spa facility, in the privacy of your own room, or on a veranda outside.

Take a walk with your guide: If you are up for a walk in the bush and more wildlife sightings, ask your guide if he or she would be willing to take you around the premises of the property! This is a fantastic way to hear exciting stories from your guide, learn about your guide’s culture, discover more about the residential wildlife, and get close to some of Africa’s small creatures, including insects, reptiles, birds, and an assortment of mammals.

zimbabwe birds

Read outside: Enjoy the peace and quiet of nature with a great book. Just open your doors to nature and take a seat on your private veranda as you enjoy a story.

Take a break from it all: Morning game drives require you to wake up between 5 and 6am, so if you’re feeling exhausted, take a 30-minute or 1-hour nap after lunch. You’ll feel refreshed and ready to enjoy your afternoon game drive!

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