Gifted Travel Network visits Zimbabwe & Victoria Falls 19th November 2019

There has been a recent onslaught by the media about Victoria Falls being dry, I can share with you, I WAS JUST THERE and it is not! I am here to please ask the media to stop circulating the alarmist headlines and reports about Victoria Falls barely down to a trickle. This is having a huge impact on the economy, the people and the communities of my home country.

Does the image below look familiar to you? You’ve most likely seen this image used recently across various media portals and newspapers along with a story about Victoria Falls drying up.

Image taken in 1985 compliments of Bud Cockcroft and shows the Falls towards the Zambian side

Well look again…. this image was actually taken in 1985 of the exact same section of Victoria Falls (the eastern cataract taken near the horseshoe falls viewing point number 13) and, surprise surprise….. its the section of Victoria Falls that looks towards Zambia and that often does not have water flowing over the cliffs during the dry season and at this time of year. This is typical in the dry season.

Zimbabwean side of the Victoria Falls – as seen 1st December 2019

Here is a screenshot taken directly from the Zambezi River Authority website which monitors the flows daily and shows a steady increase in the water levels of the Zambezi river at Victoria Falls in the past two weeks….. And would you look at that….. the water flow has jumped 20 (m³/s) just in the last week….. to 227 (m³/s).

Gosh that is a trickle isn’t it.

This was taken at Victoria Falls last week. No one is disputing that climate change is a concern for EVERY country in the world. But let’s at least be factual and give the full picture.

#notdry – Victoria Falls is NOT DRY, December 2019

Thank you to my good friend and advocate, Shelley Cox, of Africa Conservation Travel for sharing the facts and for giving us permission to use the photo she took on 1st December 2019.

Magical Victoria Falls, December 2019

I was recently in Victoria Falls (19th November 2019) with 20 travel experts from the USA to showcase our beautiful country Zimbabwe. We were in Victoria Falls for 2 amazing days and below are some photographs of our experience. Can you see water coming over the Falls??

Our group of Travel Experts from Gifted Travel Network at Victoria Falls
19th November 2019
Victoria Falls 19th November 2019

Victoria Falls is in full flow/high water flow from about February through July. The peak or highest amount of water coming over the falls is May to June. Low season or low flow over the falls is from about September through early December.

Some people say that visiting the Falls in the high season can be very misty, ie. there is so much water coming over the Falls that you can hardly see the falls due to the mist.

And then there are others that say that if you go during low water season, you get the best views of the falls.

Either way, you are guaranteed to have a fantastic time in Zimbabwe at the Victoria Falls. I always leave a piece of my heart there … and I’m sure you will too.

If you are traveling to or plan to travel to Victoria Falls, please do not worry. They are as spectacular as ever! Feel free to contact me at or call me at 800-940-9344.


  • Great info, Sandy! I was wondering what all the fuss was, especially since we were all just there a few weeks ago! Climate change is a real thing, most definitely, but the information being put out there right now is misdirected and could be possibly hurtful to the Zimbabwe economy if people aren’t coming to visit!

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