One of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, Victoria Falls is a must-see when traveling to Southern Africa! Many travel to Victoria Falls for its legendary waterfalls or the amazing game, but the bustling town of Victoria Falls also has an abundant amount of activities to do!

With most chasing after the google searches top list we find people miss out on the best experiences that Victoria Falls has to offer! So we created a list of our favorite underrated activities that could be the highlight of your next trip to Victoria Falls.

Our Insider Suggestions:

  1. Conservation Awareness Safari – to truly appreciate an African Safari you have to understand the efforts that have gone into preserving the areas and wildlife that you see. What better way than with locals who dedicate their lives to protecting it!
    • We advise using Charles Brightman (Head of anti-poaching in Victoria Falls) and his anti-poaching experience. He provides in-depth knowledge on the activities they undertake to protect the wildlife and care for the surrounding area!
  2. Walking Tour of the Falls – a guided walking tour of the falls will provide you with some valuable insight into the complex history that went into the name and story of the Falls. The mystic mist often fills the air so we suggest taking a raincoat or poncho to stay dry.
  3. Adrenaline Activities– adrenaline Junkies these are the activities for you!
    • White Water Rafting has stunning views and amazing rapids making for an adventure-packed experience. If you have a free half or full day to spare you have to book a trip, it will be an experience of a lifetime!
    • The Gorge Swing if you have a few free hours and want an adrenaline-packed adventure, then the gorge swing will be a great choice! Your loved ones can watch while sipping on a cocktail at the Lookout Cafe!
  4. The Siduli Hide – Siduli hide is in front of the waterhole at the Victoria Falls Safari Lodges and provides some close-up encounters with some amazing animals! Perfect if you want to sit and have the animals come to you rather than going in search of them.
    • You do have to pre-book the Siduli hide, it’s worth the effort. We suggest booking Charles Brightman. His wealth of knowledge will make it an experience of a lifetime!
  5. Art with Elephants – we know not everyone is Picasso, but what better way to let out your artistic flair than to do so with elephants! Not only do you get the chance to put your hair down, but you also get a close-up experience with one of the big five!
  6. Private Guided Safaris – a private guide will make your dreams become a reality! They go above and beyond in order to ensure that you see the best that Victoria Falls has to offer. From cultural tours to amazing wildlife encounters they worth every penny!
  7. A cocktail at the Lookout Café – with breathtaking views of the gorge and their extravagant cocktails, The Lookout Café is a must-see! Don’t forget they also stock the highly sought after Zambezi beer providing you with a taste of Africa!
  8. Community Engagement – the Zimbabwean culture is warm and friendly, with locals opening their homes and sharing their experiences with travelers. These trips are a great way to get to know the locals and their culture.
    • Dinner at Aunt Flatters – Aunty Flatters and her neighbors welcome you into her home as her daughters prepare traditional Zimbabwean meals for you! She shares her culture and experiences with you as you enjoy the delicious meal.
  9. Vulture Experience – With hundreds of vultures swooping in for the feeding experience provided by the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge! Studies are carried out on the endangered birds as they attend the feeding program to help ensure their futures are protected
  10. Sunset Cruises – what better way to end the day than to sip on a crisp Zambezi Beer or GNT and watch the sunset over the magnificent Zambezi River! The cruises make for a perfect ending to a day of adventure and fun!

Unfortunately, we had to limit our list to ten suggestions but there are many more activities to do when visiting the Falls. With the Victoria Falls town adapting to customers’ needs and wants, there’s an experience for everyone, so let’s find yours! We look forward to including some of these activities in your next itinerary when you visit Victoria Falls!

Please feel free to comment and add any other gems that you feel we may have left out!

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