Rich with wildlife, cultural heritage, and vibrant spirit, the Okavango Delta is arguably one of Africa’s most spectacular places to visit. Famous for its diverse terrain of sprawling floodplains, thriving grasslands, remote islands, savannah, and bushveld the Okavango Delta is, without a doubt, a prized area for game-viewing and birding.

For those looking to visit the Okavango on a Botswana honeymoon or family safari, Duba Expedition camp boasts the perfect combination of luxury with an authentic safari feel. Located on the private Kwedi Reserve, Duba Expedition is a small camp right on the edge of the waterway providing gorgeous views for each tented suite. This camp lives up to its reputation for being one of Africa’s prime places to observe year-round beauty and experience adventures of a lifetime.

Duba Expedition camp is comprised of 6 canvas tented suites extending along the edge of the waterway, a small gift shop and main lounge/dining area with a large deck to enjoy a meal under the stars or simply relaxing and enjoying the view.

Activities include:

  • Twice daily game drives – Arise early for a quick breakfast & coffee or tea, then head out before the heat of the day in search of whatever may present itself! Perhaps you’ll find a pride of lion on the hunt for breakfast, or a family of elephant enjoying a dip.  Afternoon drives bring guests back out to find what the evening has in store.  Sundowners are always enjoyed with fabulous views. And the afternoon drive includes staying out after dark, hopefully finding some of the more elusive night-loving animals like leopard, pangolin, aardvark, aardwolf or porcupine.
  • Water activities – when water levels permit – such as mokoro rides (dugout canoe), or other boat – based activities like fishing or a water safari.
  • Game walks – enabling guests to see the tinier residents, have a lesson on plant life or learn fun facts on dung. Did you know you can tell if a pile of giraffe dung was left by a male or female?


The tented suites are raised on decks and made of stretched canvas.  There is a spacious deck to enjoy views of the waterway and whatever may wander by.  The interior of the tent is spacious with en-suite bathroom facilities. The double basin sink comes fully equipped with soaps and lotions, displayed in gorgeous glass bottles reminiscent of times long past.  The shower is located in its own large space, with shower amenities and cozy robes are provided.  The toilet is also in its own space, providing privacy and reading materials.  The luxurious beds, draped in soft storm gray blankets, face out to the front, so relaxing in bed with the canvas flaps up provides a fabulous view for drifting off to sleep. The rooms are rounded out by a desk area with a multi-point charging station, freestanding fan and coffee/tea station.

Life in the bush is tough, for man and animal alike.  Imagine what it must take to run a luxury camp 5 hours drive from the nearest town.  What must go into the planning for supplies months in advance; washing towels, sheets, guest laundry and staff uniforms without the benefit of  a commercial laundry facility; ensuring guests are warm and cozy or cool and comfy, depending on the weather of the day; providing outstanding food to meet the dietary needs and differing palates of every guest.

Botswana safari vacation

The staff at Duba Expedition lives up to the level one expects of a Great Plains Conservation camp.  Warm and friendly camp managers and housekeepers see that every need is met.  An expert chef and his team produce outstanding gastronomic delights one wouldn’t imagine deep in the bush.  And expert guides, knowledgeable not only in the resident game, but also in the rhythm and  flow of life on the Duba Plains going above and beyond to help guests experience the magic of Botswana.


Are you ready to live the magic of Africa?  Do you want to be pampered by the fabulous Duba Expeditions team with Great Plains in Botswana?  We are the experts at making sure you have the most tailored and customized African Safari Vacation.  Call us at 800-940-9344 to start your dream vacation NOW.

Botswana safari vacation


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