Renewal is the word that comes to mind when thinking of Xigera Safari Lodge. Sitting back, looking over the Okavango Delta and enjoying a delicious sundowner as my body and soul are taking in the incredible adventure that is Botswana.

With 12 suites and a Baobab Treehouse, each designed to offer unique experiences, this lodge is wonderful for all types of travelers. Xigera is 95% solar-powered and a unique celebration of African art, culture and creativity.

When I say renewal, I mean that in many different forms. Renewal as in how you will feel as you’re immersed in the Okavango Delta as well as renewal in the form of the changes that have happened at this lodge. What was once a wet camp has now turned into a sustainably lodge that provides flexibility and luxury.

This former wet camp is now a wet and land camp and has some of the most incredible sights and supports a remarkable diversity of wildlife. Xigera encourages you to record your sightings as a memory to take home with you. With expert local safari guides who are passionate about sharing the wonders, you will experience incredible sightings throughout your stay.

As mentioned before, Xigera is 95% green with the lodge being powered almost entirely through solar energy. The tents from the old lodge are being reused for a staff village, vehicles have all switched to diesel and tinted glasses are in each lodge to ensure energy-efficient air conditioning. This lodge has eliminated single-use plastic and has an on-site composter that processes all organic kitchen waste and is sent out to local communities for sustainable kitchen gardens.

Xigera Safari Lodge’s 10 step to sustainability plan shows just how passionate they are about conservation and sustainability. From supporting local communities with their artwork and furniture to their state-of-the-art reverse osmosis treatment plant used to purify all of the water used in the lodge. The wonder that is Xigera Safari Lodge is ready to #MakeTravelMatter!

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