Kwandwe Private Game Reserve is a renowned conservation and community success story, offering a sophisticated safari experience for the conscientious traveler. The reserve comprises just 22 rooms split across four small luxurious lodges, providing understated luxury and one of the highest land to guest ratios in South Africa. The over 54,000 acres of pristine wilderness is home to the famous Big 5 as well as a diverse number of smaller and more unusual species.

A conservation success story

When our VIP clients returned from safari at Kwandwe, they shared that some of the best game viewing was a lioness with cubs, a cheetah with cubs, elephant sparring and a young male lion who completely failed at a warthog attack attempt.

Lion cubs

One of the things we look at when selecting properties for our special clients is conservation efforts. Kwandwe has a list of great victories in conservation:

  • Reclaiming 54 000 acres of farmland and placing it under wildlife conservation
  • The reintroduction of the endangered black rhinoceros
  • Returning cheetah to the Great Fish River Valley for the first time since 1889
  • The reestablishment of populations of disease-free Cape Buffalo, Cheetah, Lion, White Rhino and Black Rhino on many game reserves in South Africa from Kwandwe’s founding stock
  • Reclaiming areas of intense and often damaging agriculture
  • The reintroduction of small and mostly rare felid species eradicated from the area, such as the Serval, African wildcat and Small Spotted Cat
  • The reintroduction of more than 7000 wild animals, including elephant, both species of rhino, hippo, lion, leopard, brown hyena etc
  • Providing a breeding refuge for the Blue Crane
  • Eleven post graduate research studies conducted on wildlife and vegetation on Kwandwe
  • On average sub-tropical thicket stores 40 tons of carbon per ha. Kwandwe has in excess of 13,000 hectares of sub-tropical thicket, amounting to 520,000 tons of carbon being stored on the property
  • Providing a refuge for the sensitive sub-tropical thicket vegetation
Family of cheetahs

One of the best things about being on a game drive is the exceptional sundowner offerings — it’s not just gin & tonic off the back of your game drive vehicle. Look at this amazing selection from Kwandwe’s Lodge.

Sundowner Snacks

If you are interested in seeing this beautiful property, experience the amazing tour guides (Jonno and Ernie are the BEST at Kwandwe), see lots of game and stay at a luxurious location, let us help you book that trip.

We want you to come back and say what these clients said “best adventure and fun filled, the people, the animals, the food, the wine — all of it!”

Please feel free to reach out to the Hills of Africa team at or call 1-800-940-9344 to book your Kwandwe trip today.

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