Nestled on the banks of a tributary of the Huab River, this camp is practically invisible and leaves one of the lowest environmental footprints of any camp in Namibia. This exclusive experience comes from a mobile camp, under canvas tents. 

Mobile tent doesn’t mean what it sounds like in the states. This is NOT tent camping, this is a luxurious experience featuring no internet, remote isolation, a plunge pool for those hot days, a dining area with a campfire circle and a spectacular deck to take in all of the sights and sounds. 

Can we take a minute to talk about the VIEWS!! During the day you will embark on nature drives and nature walks full of sightings such as black rhino, elephant, kudu, ostrich, springbok and zebra, and so many more beautiful creatures.  It really is about the views – endless views, feels like you’re on the moon actually.  

One morning we traveled over the Harambe Pass to meet up with John from Namibian Rhino Rangers, who works with his team in collaboration with Save the Rhino Trust.  We met up with John who asked us to be very quiet, try not to step on leaves or make sounds.  Our mission was to find Black Rhino.  We were lucky to find Mona and Mark – although far in the distance, it was an experience like no other seeing these very endangered creatures in the wild.

One particular drive took us over the Huab Pass down into the Huab Valley.  Climbing high with our guide Johann at the wheel, we drove down into the Valley in search of desert-adapted elephants.  

With no WIFI, you can truly unplug and emerge yourself in the environment. The 100% solar-powered camp still has luxuries such as open-air bathrooms with flush toilets and hot water bucket showers. 

This is a camp that will stay in your memories forever. Put it on the top of your bucket list NOW!!

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