Many destinations around the world you can experience on a budget. But Africa is different. It’s fairly expensive to get there and accommodations in the bush can be pricey – but it’s absolutely worth it.

Below is a breakdown of some of the costs you will encounter when planning your African safari vacation:

Accommodations: When you’re out in the African bush, you want to feel well taken care of, safe, and comfortable. If you don’t feel those things then you will not enjoy yourself. And that $2,000 you spent on airfare, plus the 16-hour flight to get to Africa, plus the non-refundable payments you made for all the other accommodations you’ll be staying at and activities you had planned, will be for nothing.

There are PLENTY of other things I’m sure you’ll also desire of your accommodations in the bush (including modern amenities, great game drives, and delicious cuisine), so with all that said, those perks come with a price.

The higher end accommodations in the African bush can range anywhere from $350 per person / per night to $2,000 per person / per night. The good news is that these prices are typically all-inclusive of accommodations, meals, and activities (some include additional amenities such as complimentary laundry and alcoholic beverages).

Tipping: Tipping isn’t required, but we do recommend it if you enjoyed your safari experiences. For one day on safari, you’re looking at spending approximately $15 – $25 on tips for the accommodation staff and your guide. So it’s important to factor that into your total budget.

Flights & Transfers: Round-trip international airfare can run between $1,200 and $2,000, depending on where you’re flying from and when. But once you land in Africa, you will most likely fly out of the city you arrived in and head to the bush in a light aircraft. These flight costs can vary dramatically, depending on how far and remote your destination. You’ll also need to factor in ground transportation if you’re getting picked up from the airport and transported to your hotel.

Items not included in accommodation costs: Some properties (primarily in towns and cities where there are restaurants and other establishments around) do not offer an all-inclusive rate and may just include your room cost, or your room cost plus breakfast. You’ll also want to budget for extra activities that you wish to take part in, such as tours and adventure activities. Morning and afternoon game drives are always included in the rates of the high-end safari properties so you will not need to pay extra for those.

So, at the end of the day, you’re looking at spending between $6,000 and $15,000 per person for a trip to Africa. And, of course, that price fluctuates based on how long you’re staying in Africa and at which properties.

But I promise you this, that price is WORTH IT!!

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