As the first camp to settle along the banks of the Zambezi River in Zambia, Chiawa Camp is known as the Pioneer of the Lower Zambezi! This family-owned and operated camp offers a relaxed experience to allow you to take a breath in the midst of a bucket list adventure, while also experiencing a diverse range of activities.

With newly renovated safari tents, Chiawa maintains its classic style while upgrading in size, features and spacing. You’ll not only have beautiful views of your surroundings, but you will still have your privacy and a space to relax after a busy day. With the option of taking a bath with a beautiful view or using your waterfall shower outside, the options are endless in the way that you’ll feel luxurious and relaxed.

With an Afro/Euro fusion feel, your meals whether simple or complex are sure to give you a balance of health, variety and some indulgence. Despite the remote and basic conditions in the bush, the camp chefs are able to give you an unforgettable culinary experience! 

The Lower Zambezi National Park is one of Africa’s most scenic wildernesses and offers the opportunity to do both land and water-based activities. With a prime location, Chiawa Camp is in the middle of the best habitat zones which may make for special guest sightings in camp!

Some wildlife that has been spotted are elephants, lions, leopards, buffalo, waterbuck, hippos, crocodile and so many more! From game drives to walking safaris to river safaris you are sure to create memories to last a lifetime!

From a creative culinary team there to ensure that all of your meals are above and beyond your expectations, to the incredible experiences with wildlife, Chiawa Camp will not disappoint and is sure to leave you wanting to stay forever!

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