So excited that I am taking a great group from GIFTE (Global Institute for Travel Entrepreneurs) to South Africa and Zimbabwe next month. We will be staying 2 nights at Camp Hwange is a beautiful “bush” camp where you get first class guiding and an amazing safari experience.  The camp is owned by one of the top safari guides in Zimbabwe, Dave Carson, and managed by another amazing safari guide, Julian Brookstein, so we are truly getting the best guiding experience.  It’s located in an area where there are fewer safari camps, so you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere, which for me, is what it’s all about.  I love the tents at Camp Hwange with large gauze windows, so in the cooler months you get the breeze coming in and at night you can hear all that’s going on with nature around you.

Then it is off to The Hide Safari Camp for 2 nights. It is located on a private concession just outside the Hwange National Park, with its own access into the park.  This means you can do night game drives, even at 3am which I admit to having done.  The Hide also has no set schedule, so you can be out all day on game drives, and really experience the safari as you want.  The bath in the honeymoon tent is heaven on earth, I keep imagining lying in a bubble bath with some bubbly and just listening to nature all around you.  The camp is situated around a waterhole that is always teeming with wildlife, so when you decide to stay home and enjoy camp, you know you’re not going to have FOMO.

The Hide is such an amazing safari destination!  From the warm, friendly staff to the amazing and knowledgeable guides, you cannot help but fall in love with the people of Zimbabwe.  And the game experiences are fantastic!   The waterhole right in front of camp draws in all sorts of game…almost don’t even have to leave camp to enjoy great sightings.

2 of my favorite experiences are:

Walking through the tunnel to the ‘hide’ right off the main area.  Such a treat to be so close the eles when they come for a  drink out of the freshwater basin!  They were so close they even caught a whiff of my lotion!   Apparently they were not fans of the scent. 

Enjoying an evening bath in my outdoor tub, complete with a glass  of wine, listening to the lions chatting to one another on the other side of the waterhole.  Simply magical!

We will be sharing lots of our adventure while we are in Africa so be sure to watch for those updates via social media. Contact us at 1-800-940-9344 if you’re ready to start planning your African Safari Vacation. Or email us at

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