Chobe Game Lodge wow, I’m lost for words!  

This fabulous Lodge is nestled along the Chobe Riverbank in Botswana and is perfectly situated to explore both The Chobe River and The Chobe National Park. When it comes to an experience Chobe outdoes itself, you will have one of the most intimate safaris where each day there is a new adventure!

When arriving at the camp you will be greeted with vibrant smiles and true African hospitality! From your arrival till your departure, the camp will make your happiness their main priority. While at The Chobe Game Lodge you will form a relationship with the staff like no other camp, you will share memories with them that will last you a lifetime! When you leave you might even feel like you are leaving a part of you behind…

It is very hard to beat the game viewing that you will receive while at Chobe Game Lodge. The Chobe National park and river are home to thousands of animals and the camp has tried to make sure that you can witness nearly every single one of these animals in their natural habitat. With each day being designed to be an adventure the lodge has tried to create activities for everyone to do, from romantic hot-air balloon rides to adrenaline-packed game drives! The Lodge also understands that you are on holiday and sometimes just need to put your hair down, relax and enjoy the sun! The staff at Chobe are there to ensure that you have the best trip possible be it that you want a relaxing time by the pool or on an adventurous boat ride!

Chobe Game Lodge has taken it upon themselves to re-define the way people view camps and lodges in Africa. From the company’s push to drive sustainable tourism they have also been able to provide guests with a more intimate Safari. By investing in solar-powered vehicles the guides can get closer to the game without scaring them off because of the noises. So now not only are they reducing their carbon footprint, but they are also able to provide their guests with one of the most exciting up-close game viewing opportunities available.

When it comes to expert guides, they are a market leader with the Chobe Angels who bring a unique touch. The Chobe Angels are a group of guides that are all women and operate out of Chobe Game Lodge, providing a Safari-like no other. Their calm and gentle traits are reflected in the way they interact with guests, making sure that no one gets left out. The Angels will put your safety at the forefront of their priorities!

One thing we love about Chobe Game Lodge is their love of their staff. Albert Ndereki is one of their oldest employees and he has been there since the camp broke ground in 1971. Over the years Albert has become a leader in effective waste management, he has implemented systems and strategies throughout the camp to help reduce its waste and recycle what it can. The camp has provided Albert with the opportunity to learn about waste management from other camps, as well as provide them with his knowledge that he has accumulated over time. The initiative taken by the camp is reflected in Alberts’s loyalty and the methods he has taken to help the camp! We highly suggest stopping in and seeing Albert and his waste management system behind the back of the camp when you visit.

The Chobe Game Lodge will provide you with the experience of a lifetime.

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