Are you the type of person who loves to extend your birthday into a weeklong celebration? It’s more fun that way, I think! And there is no better way to celebrate a weeklong (or even two-weeklong) birthday than in Africa.

Below are just 7 reasons why you should celebrate your special birthday in Africa this year:

1. Each accommodation will celebrate your birthday in their unique way: Most African safari vacations include several accommodations in the itinerary, depending on where you are visiting and how long you will be staying in Africa. So if you plan on staying at 2 – 4 properties during your celebratory trip to Africa, then each accommodation will celebrate your birthday in their own special way! So, just picture it: you could essentially have 4 different birthday cakes during your trip. How amazing would that be?!

2. Don’t you want elephant dung cake? Seriously. Some accommodations will surprise you with your very own elephant dung cake! It’s a joke of course, and they will tell you at the very last moment as you bring your fork closer to your mouth what it actually is! In fact, I was recently escorting a family on safari in Zimbabwe and Botswana and whilst staying at Tom’s House at The Hide Safari Camp, the staff served the birthday girl an elephant dung cake. It was absolutely hilarious—it took us a good 10 minutes to wipe the tears of laughter from our eyes. See below for the cake presentation:

elephant dung cake

3. You will be celebrating with the people you care about most: If you spend your birthday the same way you do every year, you might get some phone calls and text messages from the people you love the most—especially if they don’t live near you. But when you plan a trip around celebrating your birthday with the people you love the most, you won’t have to talk via phone or text message—you’ll be right there with them, experiencing the magic of Africa.

4. You can drink and eat as much as you want! Most of the safari lodges, camps, and hotels in southern, eastern, and central Africa are all-inclusive. This means that accommodations, activities, food, and beverages (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) are included in your rate. So if you want to enjoy two entrees one night, go for it! Or maybe you want to try all three desserts on the menu that night. By all means, have at it!

5. You get to be in charge of all the activities you experience in Africa: Wouldn’t it be nice to decide what you got to do whilst on vacation? Well when it’s your birthday vacation, you’re the boss! Whether you want to enjoy lazy days on the beach, explore fascinating cultures on a township tour, embark on an interactive bushwalk with Maasai warriors, go on safari for five days straight, or eat and drink your way through Cape Winelands, the choice is up to you.

6.Wonderful people will cater to your every need at all times: One thing is for certain about the people of Africa: they are truly the most warm-hearted, kind individuals you will ever meet. The staff members at the luxury camps, lodges, and hotels offer impeccable, first-class service at all times. So imagine how they will treat you on your birthday! Many of the accommodations also assign you a butler who will get to know you and your beverage and food preferences. This ensures that service is personalized just for you.  

trip to Africa

7. Who wants to hear the same old “happy birthday song” again? We all love hearing our friends and family sing the birthday song to us. But what if you heard a new spin on the birthday song from not only your friends and family, but also from newfound friends (I’m referring to the lodge staff and guides, of course!)?

Many accommodations also have live entertainment during dinners, which include locals performing traditional dances and songs. I bet you don’t get that at your average birthday dinner at home!

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