The African Baboon – Watch Your Belongings!

July 9, 2014By Sandy Salle

Article by Amanda Evans, CEO of Hills of Africa Travel Baboons. They are anything but timid. They are actually comfortable (a little too comfortable) hanging out near humans. Capetonians see these clever creatures as quite a nuisance. Their relative comfort and acclimatization over the years has made them bold and the hoards of tourists laughing … Read More

What Adapter Do I Need for Africa?

July 7, 2014By Sandy Salle

Image of a South Africa adapter taken from So, you’ve booked your trip to Africa, now all you need to do is pack! One of the most common questions we get asked by travelers going on an African safari vacation is “what adapter do I need for Africa?” If you plan on bringing your … Read More

How to Tour Cape Town Like a Local Capetonian

July 3, 2014By Sandy Salle

Article written by Amanda Evans, Hills of Africa Travel’s CEO Not even a windy, rainy day could spoil the experience of the beautiful Cape Peninsula. I was pretty disappointed that we woke up to rain and wind before we departed for our tour of the Cape Peninsula, but with my short time to explore Cape Town … Read More

What’s the Food Like in Africa?

July 1, 2014By Sandy Salle

Image to the left of a recipe from Ngoma Safari Lodge in Botswana of Thyme Oil-Seared Beef Fillet with Pommes Paddazza – click here to see this African recipe I’m sure you’ve seen Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods host, Andrew Zimmern, eat zebra, giant porcupine, creepy crawly bugs, and other stomach-turning delicacies whilst in Africa, but … Read More

Best Restaurants in Cape Town – Foodie Heaven

June 26, 2014By Sandy Salle

Image above of the delectable salad from Babel Restaurant Guest article by Amanda Evans, CEO of Hills of Africa Travel Cape Town is nothing short of a foodie mecca. Between the local wines, emerging craft breweries, fine chocolates, and delectable tasting menus, it’s impossible to leave lighter than you came, but it’s SO worth it. … Read More