How Much Does an African Safari Vacation Cost?

November 18, 2014By Sandy Salle

Many destinations around the world you can experience on a budget. But Africa is different. It’s fairly expensive to get there and accommodations in the bush can be pricey – but it’s absolutely worth it. Below is a breakdown of some of the costs you will encounter when planning your African safari vacation: Accommodations: When … Read More

The Dos and Don’ts for Taking Kids on Safari

August 1, 2014By Sandy Salle

So you’re thinking about taking the kiddos on safari but you aren’t sure what to expect, how to plan, or even if it’s worth it to take them. But I assure you, it IS worth it, and with the right tips and direction from African safari experts, you’ll feel confident to take the kids on … Read More

7 Reasons to Celebrate Your Birthday in Africa This Year

January 14, 2014By Sandy Salle

Are you the type of person who loves to extend your birthday into a weeklong celebration? It’s more fun that way, I think! And there is no better way to celebrate a weeklong (or even two-weeklong) birthday than in Africa. Below are just 7 reasons why you should celebrate your special birthday in Africa this … Read More

Bond Over a Family Safari Filled with Adrenaline

January 9, 2014By Sandy Salle

Want to experience a family vacation that takes adventure to a whole new level? And by whole new level I’m NOT talking about camping at the Grand Canyon. I’m talking about a family vacation to one of the world’s most exotic places on earth, filled with exciting safari tours, sky diving, mountain biking, and white … Read More

Adventurous Tales from a Tanzania Safari Vacation

August 9, 2012By Sandy Salle

Amy Handwerker, a Virtuoso agent and Puerto Rico and Napa, CA travel specialist of Travel Experts came to Hills of Africa a few months back to assist her in planning a trip to Africa for one of her clients. We were thrilled to help create the trip of a lifetime for her client, Zach and … Read More

The Most Remarkable Thing on the African Continent

February 6, 2012By Sandy Salle

Whether you’ve been dreaming about a trip to Africa since you first learned about the continent or have developed a yen to travel there more recently, you probably have a long list of reasons why you’d like to visit. One of the most popular reasons to visit Africa is to view its abundant wildlife on … Read More

Spotlight on…Children in the Wilderness Programs

January 30, 2012By Sandy Salle

Ever wonder what summer camp is like for African children? In many nations of southern Africa (including Zimbabwe, Botswana, Malawi, Namibia, South Africa, and Zambia), an organization called Children in the Wilderness provides camp experiences for African children that teach them the value of conserving their natural resources. Through programs that focus on environmental protection … Read More

Unique and Bizarre Accommodations of Africa: Part III

January 23, 2012By Sandy Salle

In the third installment of our Unique and Bizarre Accommodations on the African continent, we’ll take a look at two venues that have storied histories—literally. The first, Hatari Lodge, is the renovated home of a German actor who starred in the 1960 movie Hatari!, a film that was shot near the present-day resort. The second, … Read More