Top 5 Ways to Interact with the Wildlife and Cultures of Uganda

May 20, 2014By Sandy Salle

Enchanting. Mysterious. Riveting beauty. Fascinating wildlife. These are all words and phrases that are commonly used to describe the Central Africa country of Uganda. Home to one of the most magnificent and awe-inspiring animals, the mountain gorilla, Uganda beckons wildlife enthusiasts, adventurists, and travel connoisseurs to its lush forests and wonderful national parks. But wildlife … Read More

Non-Stop Adventure on Safari at Singita Pamushana

October 15, 2013By Sandy Salle

Photograph above taken by Adam Reis You absolutely cannot go wrong at Singita Pamushana. From unbelievable game viewing experiences to exceptional cuisine, and first-class accommodations to highly entertaining and knowledgeable guides, Singita Pamushana is one of the world’s top accommodations. I was lucky enough to be hosting an escorted safari at Singita Pamushana just a … Read More

Why a Trip to Africa is Worth the Cost

July 9, 2013By Sandy Salle

One of the most common responses I hear from discerning travelers when I ask them why they haven’t considered going to Africa is “it’s too expensive.” The reality is, a trip to Africa is going to be more than the average vacation. BUT, I assure you that if you educate yourself on where that money … Read More