The Ultimate Uganda & Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Itinerary

August 30, 2012By Sandy Salle

Rare, magical, inspirational, and moving–these are all words I’d use to describe all of my past experiences gorilla trekking, as well as those of our clients. But unfortunately, I don’t think even those words do the experience justice. It’s one of those once in a lifetime opportunities that remains with you for the rest of … Read More

The Creepiest & Crawliest Spiders of Africa

May 15, 2012By Sandy Salle

Image to the left taken from GoAfrica.About.Com.   They’re hairy. They’re creepy. And sometimes they’re even poisonous. The spiders of Africa are not critters you want to come across while on an African safari vacation, unless, of course, you’re an entomologist or other type of insect lover! But if you’re like me, you’d rather read … Read More

Wildlife Enthusiasts’ Addiction: Project Noah

May 8, 2012By Sandy Salle

Logo to the left taken from Are you an explorer at heart and wildlife lover? If so, I might have found your next obsession: Project Noah. I equate this online and mobile community platform to a social media site, dedicated to exploring the world’s spectacular wildlife. The platform allows you to document wildlife from … Read More

The Sssssnakes, Chameleons, & Turtles of Africa

April 26, 2012By Sandy Salle

Image to the left taken from   Africa is known for its exotic species of reptiles that range from snakes to chameleons, geckos to lizards, and tortoises to turtles. I’ve just outlined a few of my favorites below: Egyptian Cobra: Occupying areas that include northern Mozambique, eastern Botswana, and parts of northern Africa, the … Read More

Snapping the Perfect, Up-Close Action Shot in the African Bush

April 3, 2012By Sandy Salle

Sadly, we can’t all be fabulous wildlife photographers and videographers like those who film Planet Earth and National Geographic documentaries . . . Right? Well, not necessarily! Camtraps are the perfect way to snap the best wildlife photographs in the field. Signaled by movement, Camtraps allow you to take pictures of wildlife at close proximity … Read More