Exploring the Dynamics of the Duba Plains Pride

January 12, 2012By Sandy Salle

When I was at Duba Plains this past November, I was concerned that the residential lion pride seemed to be breaking apart. My guide, 007, had said that one of the females had broken away with her sub adult cubs and that they were always about 1 km apart from the rest of the pride. I was … Read More

Inspiration to Say Yes to South Africa in 2012

January 11, 2012By Sandy Salle

I have a real treat for you today! One of our clients who recently returned from South Africa, Rebecca Reynolds of Rebecca Reynolds Consulting, has allowed us to share with you her inspirational story that made her say yes to a trip to Africa. It is never too late for a fresh start, for personal … Read More

The 6 Primates of Africa

January 9, 2012By Sandy Salle

On an African safari tour, many travelers find themselves drawn to primates. That’s partly because humans are considered primates and animals in this order often remind us (in funny, poignant, and surprising ways) of ourselves. So what should you look for during your next trip to Africa? Keep your eyes peeled for these six primates, … Read More

Africa’s Tiniest & Deadliest Creatures Revealed

January 6, 2012By Sandy Salle

Most people planning a trip to Africa know that many of the large predators on the continent include lions and venomous snakes—but Africa is also home to many deadly creatures that are much smaller (NOTE: these creatures do not pose any serious threat to travelers. This post is intended to simply introduce you to some … Read More