Spotlight on…Children in the Wilderness Programs

January 30, 2012By Sandy Salle

Ever wonder what summer camp is like for African children? In many nations of southern Africa (including Zimbabwe, Botswana, Malawi, Namibia, South Africa, and Zambia), an organization called Children in the Wilderness provides camp experiences for African children that teach them the value of conserving their natural resources. Through programs that focus on environmental protection … Read More

Uncovering Africa’s Unique & Ancient Art History

January 26, 2012By Sandy Salle

While much of the artwork produced in Africa today can be purchased and taken home as a commemoration of your travel, some of Africa’s art is much more fixed in its location. One prominent example is the rock art created by the San people, members of a tribe that lived in present-day South Africa, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, … Read More

Unique and Bizarre Accommodations of Africa: Part III

January 23, 2012By Sandy Salle

In the third installment of our Unique and Bizarre Accommodations on the African continent, we’ll take a look at two venues that have storied histories—literally. The first, Hatari Lodge, is the renovated home of a German actor who starred in the 1960 movie Hatari!, a film that was shot near the present-day resort. The second, … Read More

Favorite Movies about Africa

January 19, 2012By Sandy Salle

We recently conducted a poll of our social media followers to discover their favorite movies about Africa. We were delighted with the results—and even added a few titles to our own must-watch list! Here are a few to consider when you’re ready to get in the mood for your next trip to Africa. The Lion … Read More

Explore Africa’s Surfing Heritage

January 16, 2012By Sandy Salle

Most people associate Africa with safari vacations—not ones that involve hitting the waves. But South Africa’s coastal geography makes it nearly ideal for water sports, and the country has a rich history of surfing. Here’s a look at South Africa’s surfing legacy and where to catch a wave if you’re traveling there today. Early African … Read More