Photograph above taken by Adam Reis

You absolutely cannot go wrong at Singita Pamushana. From unbelievable game viewing experiences to exceptional cuisine, and first-class accommodations to highly entertaining and knowledgeable guides, Singita Pamushana is one of the world’s top accommodations.

I was lucky enough to be hosting an escorted safari at Singita Pamushana just a few weeks ago and I’m still on cloud nine from the experience.

Here’s a look into what we experienced during our 4-day stay at Singita:

Day 1:

I met my six clients in Harare where they were coming off their flight from Johannesburg. Once all the luggage was gathered and customs were cleared, we took a one-hour private charter flight aboard a Beechcraft King Air 200 from Harare to the Pamushana airstrip. During the flight we were served drinks and snacks, which made the time just fly by.

We landed on the Pamushana airstrip at around 12pm and then took a 10-minute drive to Singita Pamushana Lodge. Upon arrival we were met by our guide, Time, who drove us to camp. During our drive we came across a huge tree that had just fallen down and we found an elephant beside the tree—looking quite guilty after knocking it down!  We spent a few minutes with the elephant before traversing the terrain to get around the tree and get back on the road.

Once we arrived at camp we were greeted by the property manager, Jason, who then introduced us to our waiter, Ndeps (who looked after each and everyone of us, knowing what types of food and drinks we each enjoyed).


After we put our bags in our rooms we gathered at the main lodge for lunch. Once our bellies were full, some of us went back to the rooms while others went swimming at the main lodge’s pool.

Later in the afternoon we met for tea, which was served out by the swimming pool, overlooking a dam. Afternoon tea time included ice tea, ice coffee, ice lemonade, lots of snacks, pastries, little sandwiches, and chocolate decadents. We also had someone in our group who was gluten-free and the chef prepared snacks and meals that were catered to his specific dietary needs!

Once tea was complete we headed out on our very first game drive of the trip and saw giraffe, zebra, NINE white rhino (a group of rhino is called a crash), and an elephant. So in just the first few hours of being at Pamushana we saw two of the Big Five!


african safari vacation

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Singita Pamushana

Photograph above of our guide, Time, taken by Adam Reis

While we were out we also saw a variety of beautiful birds, and the sky was absolutely stunning. Toward the end of the drive we enjoyed a selection of sundowners in the bush.

After our sundowners we drove around a bit more and on the way back to camp we received a radio call that a leopard had been spotted on the road. Our guide immediately started us en route to find the leopard and we soon came across him! He had caught a rabbit and we sat there and watched as he enjoyed his evening snack.

So, all in all we saw THREE of the Big Five on our first game drive!

We arrived back at camp and enjoyed at delectable dinner at 8pm.

Day 2:

We woke up in the morning at 4:45am and met at 5:10am to enjoy some fresh fruit, rusk bars, cheeses, muffins, and bread.

After breakfast we headed out on our early morning game drive and came across giraffe, impala, kudu, rhino, and elephant. We also came across a very pregnant hyena that had just stolen another animal’s meal.

During our Zimbabwe safari tour, we found a male and female lion that were out by the pan that we were at last night and they were sluggish and lying around trying to find shade. We then came across a herd of buffalo.

Zimbabwe safari vacation

Photograph above taken by Adam Reis

Zimbabwe safari vacation

Photograph above taken by Adam Reis

Zimbabwe safari tours

Photograph above taken by Adam Reis

Zimbabwe safari tours

Photograph above taken by Adam Reis

Already into day two of our safari, we saw elephants, rhino, buffalo, leopard, and lion (all the Big Five!).

Later in the afternoon we enjoyed a lovely cocktail on the banks of the river. I had a Malawi Shandy, which typically includes bitters, ginger ale, lemonade, and a splash of vodka or gin.

After our cocktail we headed back to camp and on our way saw the pregnant hyena again, as well as the lions (but this time, the lions were mating!).

Stay tuned for part II of our adventures at Singita Pamushana, which will post to the blog on Thursday!


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