Drums of Peace all started with a single kids workshop in 1996 and the relationship of the arts continued – carrying a hope that “One Day Something Great will Happen.” After being formally funded in 2009 by Lewis Ndlovu and Shuna Herscovit in J Bays, many drummers were invited, endorsed, joined in and trained.

This wonderful organization was founded for the purpose of nurturing and developing the artistic talents inherent in the peoples of Zimbabwe for the purposes of training and educating adults and children through the use of drumming and the arts to improve their lives, build a sense of community and social structure for the individual and to empower musicians and artists through increasing their sustainable financial resources, self-worth, respect of family, and employment opportunities.

This community-oriented organization is dedicated to the preservation of culture through cross-cultural communication using drumming and the arts by creating resources, drawing on indigenous traditions and inner personal strengths which break barriers created by caste, color and creed using the universal language of the drum. 

Drums of Peace activities include:

a) Workshops: These are designed to educate musicians and artists allowing them to become leaders in the community and ambassadors for Drums of Peace. They become cultural change agents in a sustainable and transferable model.

b) Community Service in schools, orphanages, youth centres and other social service, sports and educational institutions. These programmes are designed to enhance the ability of the participants to listen, communicate, connect and discover their self worth.

c) Performances: These enable the musicians and artists to become organizers and self sufficient financially.

d) Cultural Change: Through playing at cricket matches and other major televised events community awareness is increased thus changing pride and attitude to self in the community

Drums of Peace has proved itself in the Pilot Scheme and grass-root phase and is ready to launch its well-developed unique interactive drumming model which has been used and adopted in schools, in performance and can be specifically adapted for all institutional purposes.

Drums of Peace also functions to create co-operation, collaboration and community resource building in relationship to the larger society it is intended to change negative impressions to positive impressions by influencing the attitudes and opinions formed in the country and the world about Zimbabwe. This enables those living in Zimbabwe to be confident both in themselves and in other members of the community. It also allows the external world to witness and embrace the positive spirit of the Zimbabwe people, changing the perceptions in the country and the world to encourage a re-surge of creativity and solidarity strengthening the individual and the whole. It is intended that this action would result in sustainable tourism.

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