Below are some of the top organizations that are helping the people of Africa:

Karen Blixen Camp’s Hospitality School:

“We believe education is a strategic social investment that effectively contributes to the betterment of the local communities as well as the private sector.”

Holding true to the above philosophy, Karen Blixen Camp developed a hospitality school in January 2012 for Masai Mara children, where they can become educated in leading trades, including forestry, language, and culinary arts. This community educational project, which is funded by Karen Blixen Camp and Danida, strives to reduce unemployment, poverty, and gender differences within the local Masai Mara community. Through teaching universal skillsets and business ideologies, the Karen Blixen Hospitality School can help brighten the futures for thousands of young Africans.

Image above taken from the Karen Blixen Camp website.

The Karen Blixen Cooking School is part of the Hospitality School and is a one and a half year program, dedicated to providing budding chefs with hands-on experience in the culinary world. Some of the methods students are taught throughout their experience at the school, include class cooking methods and meat and fish preparations, sauce and soup techniques, bread and pastry production, hygiene and sanitation, and much more.

Guests at the Karen Blixen Camp can visit the school and prepare meals with the students—a highly interactive and culturally enriching experience that shouldn’t be missed!

The Forestry School, on the other hand, teaches the Maasai youth how to plant and cultivate trees and vegetation for environmental stability. During this program, students learn about the local climate and how it affects plant growth, they also discover how to nurture plants to full maturity.

And then, of course, there are the IT Education and Foreign Languages programs. The IT program enables students to learn about computer technology and the Internet so that they can find successful, paying jobs in this growing field.

The Foreign Languages program teaches students German and English so that they can find jobs in the tourism industry, communicating with travelers from around the world.

Click here to learn how you can lend a hand to the Karen Blixen Camp Hospitality School.

African Yoga Project: As a non-profit organization, the African Yoga Project “empowers individuals to create transformation in themselves and within their communities through the power of yoga.” We love this concept!

Most of the students and teachers affiliated with African Yoga Project come from impoverished communities in Kenya and work with the African Yoga Project to improve their quality of life. Through the practice and teachings of yoga, the African Yoga Project hopes to empower students and teachers alike to facilitate positive mental, physical, and emotional growth and balance.

Image above taken from the African Yoga Project website

The organization hosts free weekly classes throughout Nairobi and Amboseli in community centers, prisons, and schools.

Pack for a Purpose: With an international outreach, Pack for a Purpose is an organization dedicated to helping world travelers lend a hand to the destinations that they visit.

In their own words:

“We believe people fortunate enough to travel to other countries often wish they could make meaningful contributions to help meet the needs of the places they visit. Such contributions are one way of expressing appreciation for the experiences and hospitality they enjoyed in other lands.”

Pack for a Purpose works with a variety of accommodations from all around the world to help travelers donate while on vacation. When you stay at an accommodation that is affiliated with Pack for a Purpose, all you have to do is pack 5 lbs. of materials, such as soccer balls, pencils, or other school and recreation supplies, and that accommodation will transfer the materials to designated areas in need. The items that you bring with you for donation will be determined by community-based projects and often include pens, pencils, erasers, calculators, colored pencils, games, blood pressure cuffs, Band-Aids, soccer balls, and more.

Camfed: With the passion and conviction to educate every young girl in Zimbabwe, the Camfed organization has been raising funds since 1993 to help send young Zimbabwean girls to high school. Unfortunately, less than half of Zimbabwean children attend high school on a regular basis, which is often due to lack of money. When these children are not in school they dramatically increase their exposure to contracting HIV, becoming pregnant at an early age, and becoming stuck in a routine that leaves them in poverty.

Today, Camfed offer has provided over 700,000 children with education and has assisted more than 16,000 young females in becoming successful, self-sustaining, and empowered. A scholarship for one year costs $300 and includes school fees, school supplies, toiletries, transportation fees, room and board fees, and educational and empowerment programs.

Singita: Singita Game Reserves is one of the world’s leading accommodation operators. With superior service, luxurious camps and lodges, and amazing African safari tours, Singita has positioned itself as, arguably, the number one safari provider. But Singita is not just about providing guests with a life-changing experience. They’re also helping to change the lives of local youngsters in African communities with the Singita School of Cooking.

Image above taken from the Singita Game Reserves’ Facebook page.

Image above taken from the Singita Game Reserves’ Facebook page.

The Singita School of Cooking offers a variety of opportunities for young adults to take advantage of the bustling tourism, hospitality, and culinary industries in southern and eastern Africa. Students accepted into the program receive free training in theoretical and practical culinary skills, daily transport to and from the school, chefs uniforms (as well as necessary tools and equipment), and a Singita School of Cooking certificate in Professional Cookery.

The aim of the program is to develop local talent directly from Singita’s nearest communities. Sixty-eight percent of Singita’s current employees were recruited from the area.


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