The holiday season is here and it’s time to think about all the loved ones in your life! The Hills of Africa team has compiled a list of some of our favorite Africa- and travel-inspired gift ideas for this holiday season, which you can find below . . .

Gifts for the Africa-lover in your life:

Vintage Africa Poster: Perfect for someone who loves vintage art, travel, and / or decorating, these vintage Africa posters will charm all who admire them. And, if you want to add even more character to these posters, frame them in a rustic wood frame.

Poster above can be purchased at (image taken from

Poster above can be purchased at (image taken from

Poster above can be purchased at (image taken from

African Safari Elephants Wall Decal: Bring the dream of Africa to life for your loved one with this beautiful Africa scenery wall decal. Placed above a bed or in a nursery, this decal will bring the magic of Africa into any room.

Decal can be purchased at (image taken from

Africa glass ornament: Just in time for the holidays, this Africa glass ornament will add a splash of enchantment to any tree it adorns!

Ornament can be purchased at (image taken from

iPad Case: Have a friend or family member who can’t seem to put their iPad down? This Africa-inspired iPad case doesn’t just protect against the elements, it also serves as a fashionable accessory.

iPad case can be purchased at ModCloth (image taken from ModCloth)

Modern Nomad Bangles: These recycled, stackable bracelets add the perfect amount of “pop” to any outfit! Made in Senegal, these traditional African bracelets allow you to express the vibrancy of African culture through fashion.

Each order comes with three different bracelets.

Senegalese bracelets can be purchased at Casa di Culture (image taken from the Casa di Culture website) 

Button Earrings: You’ll certainly be cute as a button in these batik fabric button earrings! All of the earrings are original; therefore, your earring pattern will be completely different from the next—a great way to stand apart from the rest.

Button Earrings can be purchased at Casa di Culture (image above taken from Casa di Culture website)

Gifts for someone who’s getting ready to travel to Africa:

Field Notes: A fantastic way to journal a trip to Africa, a field notes set is the perfect gift for the busy traveler in your life!

Field Notes can be purchased at (image above taken from the Field Notes website)

North Face Basecamp Duffle: For travelers who frequently travel in smaller aircrafts (with tight weight restrictions), the North Face Basecamp Duffle is the ideal luggage. It’s easy to manipulate into the luggage compartment of a plane and it helps travelers to pack efficiently.

The North Face Basecamp Duffle can be purchased at (image above taken from

Binoculars: Every great safari-goer never embarks into the bush without a set of binoculars. So, if you know someone planning their trip of a lifetime to Africa, get them a gift that will bring them closer to wildlife then they could ever imagine with a set of quality binoculars. We recommend the Canon 10 x 30 IS binoculars (which is a great choice in terms of value for money and steady viewing). These binoculars are extremely well priced and knock the socks off the opposing brands with their fantastic image stabilization technology.

The Canon 10 X 30 IS binoculars can be purchased at (image above taken from

Camera: Although regular point and shoot digital cameras can take fantastic pictures, nothing can compare to the image quality of a more professional camera. The best cameras for wildlife photography, in my opinion, are any of the Digital SLR Cameras by Nikon (for wildlife photography tips, click here to view one of our past blog posts where we interviewed famous wildlife photographer, Dave Estment).

Nikon cameras can be purchased on the Nikon website (image above taken from the Nikon website) 

African Books: There are dozens upon dozens of fantastic fiction and non-fiction books about Africa that I love. But some of my favorite ones include A Story Like the Wind (fiction by Laurens Van der Post about a boy and his dog who meet a bushman), Whatever You Do, Don’t Run (True Tales of a Botswana Safari Guide) by Peter Allison, and the brilliant and heart-felt An African Love Story, written by the famous Daphne Sheldrick.

For more of my favorite Africa books, visit our Pinterest page!

An African Love Story can be purchased on (image above taken from 

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