A Timeless Journey Through Tanzania, Part 1

November 17, 2022By Kati Knowland

If you’ve been following along on social media, you probably know that Sandy recently took a group of travel advisors and their guests on a journey through Tanzania with Lemala Camps and Lodges. I was a “lucky fish” (to use a South African turn of phrase) and was able to join in — it was … Read More

Beyond Safari in South Africa

October 5, 2022By Kati Knowland

I adore safari days. Early mornings, coffee in the bush, the anticipation of sightings, the thrill of the search, dreamy sundowners, and the glow of animal eyes on a night drive. Nothing beats it! However, a well-rounded trip to Africa usually includes more than just safari! We love to incorporate your special interests into your … Read More

Safari Vehicles 101

September 7, 2022By Kati Knowland

WHAT ARE THE TYPES OF SAFARI VEHICLES? There are two  main types of safari vehicles — open and closed. While open safari vehicles live up to their name, generally with three rows of tiered seating and completely open sides, closed safari vehicles are a bit more nuanced. They have closed sides (as you see in … Read More

Seasonality and the Okavango Delta

August 29, 2022By Kati Knowland

If you know much about the Okavango Delta, you’ll know that seasonality plays a huge role in the experience you can expect when you visit, so below, I’m sharing all of the details — when to go, what to expect, and some of the elements other than the weather that can impact your overall Okavango Delta … Read More